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Beautiful Eyes Deserve a Gorgeous Frame!
A simple, 2hr - 3hr service that uses a very fine hand tool to create hair-likes strokes to apply Ink into the skin, building a brow shape best suited to your face & style. This service is performed by Master Esthetician Helena, well known for her brow shaping skills. MicroBlading is a form of tattoo.

  • Results last 1.5 – 3 years
  • Service Cost $650 and does include your mandatory 30 check up appointment. Any necessary tweaks or touch ups will be made at this time.
  • Deposit required for booking
  • Please call 757.464.9100 for reservations & details

The lower left corner picture is the 'before' and the other two images are the 'right after'. In a few hours, this guest went from thin & barely there, to full & gorgeous. There is zero maintenance required. We cover the brows with a protective cream & you are good to go! Simply avoid moisture & any makeup or skincare products for 1 week.
Sparkling blue eyes deserve a beautiful frame. This guest had naturally light eyebrows that had diminished over time. By measuring her face and selecting a look that fit her style & face shape, this guest is now able to enjoy a full, youthful look that matches her beautiful eyes!
Kristen already had a good brow shape, but she felt her natural coloring was uneven & the ends lacked crispness. MicroBlading Expert Helena deepened the color to keep Kristen on trend and created a well defined shape. As you can see in the AFTER photo on the right, the brows narrow down to a nice, clean edge.
Sharper definition, even coloring and beautiful shape were created in under 3 hours. Results last 1.5-3 years and as you see, look beautifully natural.