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The Punk Era




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Stylist Matt Whitlock's description of the Punk Rock Photo Shoot and his inspiration:
 "I was excited to work with a rough, unfinished texture. The Punk Rock time period was all about edge, and rebellion and I wanted to depict this hardness, and attitude in my work. My model had soft, silky hair so to roughen up the texture I used a crimper iron on the entire head of hair. Then, to achieve the ideal length for this shoot, I created a series of pony tails which removed length and added height. I tweaked her color and gave the hair a matte finish by using Red Powder by Bumble and Bumble. In the salon we use this product to remove excess oil from hair or to disguise root re-growth. Because it absorbs oil and has color coverage, it was a great choice for this shoot. Of course, I used way more than we would ever use in the salon! Once the clothing and the make up was on, the finished product was amazing. Very punk, very 80's.